Dental Skills Institute

Choose the educational program that's right for you

The Dental Skills Institute offer is made up of educational programs at various levels of complexity. Regardless of whether you are related to implantology for many years or you are only considering exploring the topic - we have an offer for you that will allow you to raise the qualifications, increase the quality of services at your room and increase the number of satisfied patients.

With us you’ll get to the next level! Choose a program that best suits your needs:

CURRICULUM - a comprehensive program aimed at the primary level for dentists who want to reliably prepare to begin implantological practice. You can participate in a cycle or selected training.

DIGITAL DENTISTRY - a revolutionary, intensive, the only training cycle in Poland covering the entire treatment process using modern digital methods. Aimed at dentists at various levels.

LASER TRANING - a practical cycle of specialized laser therapy training in dentistry. Targeted to dentists at different levels.

ADVANCED TRAINING - created for the implant-experienced dentists who want to expand the range of services and skills of advanced techniques in the field of surgery, prosthetics, bone augmentation, soft tissue management and coping with complications. Among them "Master Level Practice" - exclusive meetings with foreign experts in dentistry, periodontology, implantology. Each meeting is a great opportunity to understand the subject matter of the lecture in theory and practice practical skills under the guidance of a world-renowned expert.

INTENSE PRACTICE WITH PATIENTS - intensive training with participation of patients, directed to physicians who already have a first experience in implant surgery and who want to gain confidence in the independent exercise of implantation and prosthetic works under the supervision of outstanding experts. 

FACE 2 FACE - INDIVIDUAL TRAINING - regardless of your level of sophistication you can spend a whole day with the Master on the individual training, studying the ins and outs of the topic you choose.

TRAININGS FOR LECTURERS - a training program developing competences in the field of speeches and presentation principles.

TRAINING FOR ASSISTANTS - a good implantological team, working well together, is the key to success and greatly affects the satisfaction of carrying out surgical procedures. In addition to education programs for dentists we have also prepared a training workshop to support the development of implantological Assistants.