Dental Skills Institute

The FACE 2 FACE program offers the possibility of intensive, individual training conducted by the best dentists in Poland, practitioners, experienced and recognized lecturers.

To register your willingness to participate in the training, the participant contacts the DSI Office indicating the field, name of the expert with whom he would like to work and selects one of the topics listed. The date of the training is set individually. It is possible to participate with your own patients (does not apply to trainings taking place in Israel).

During the training, the participant gets to know the skills and habits of the selected expert, spending the treatment day with him, gets acquainted with the techniques and medical procedures used by him, assists with the performed procedures, looks at the organization of work of one of the leading dental clinics and consults his doubts directly with the expert.

The program covers the following fields: periodontal and implantological surgery, maxillofacial surgery, implantology.

Devorah Schwartz-Arad, DMD, PhD!Devorah Schwartz Arad

We invite you to watch, learn and take part in our personal 3-days training program in Schwartz-Arad Surgical Centre in Tel Aviw (Israel)!

The training will be held exclusively by Devorah Schwartz-Arad, DMD, PhD and experts.

Training subjects:

  • Autologous onlay block bone Augmentation
  • Guided bone regeneration implementing various techniques
  • Maxillary sinus elevation procedure
  • Sub-nasal elevation procedure
  • Dental implantation
  • Extractions, impacted tooth exposure etc.

The training will include the following:

  • Combined surgical therapy
  • Preparatory discussion and briefing before the treatment
  • Shadowing & Observing the treatment
  • Summation, explanations and guidance at the end of the treatment

The Personal training is taking place during the week, that is Monday to Wednesday.

Dates are to be determined – let us know what is the most suitable time for you and we would arrange your travel!

Take 1 or 2 colleagues with you and share the costs!

On top of the personal training, we will take care of the following (additionally payed) :

  1. Shuttle to/from the Airport (Israel).
  2. Hotel Reservations (usually Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv along the beach).
  3. Arranging a tour in Jerusalem and/or the Dead sea if the visitors itinerary allows.

Write us to know the price for the individual training.

Periodontal and implant surgery

Elżbieta Dembowska (Szczecin), MD, PhDElżbieta Dembowska

Training subjects:

1. Implantology in the light of periodontics (at least 2 procedures).

  • Morphological differences and possibility of prosthetic reconstruction in patients with periodontolysis.
  • Consequences of alveolar ridge osteolysis, analysis of X-ray image: OPM, TC.
  • Possibilities and limitations of implantation in patients with diagnosed periodontitis.
  • Treatment of periodontitis and planning implant procedures.
  • Implant procedures in patients with diagnosed advanced periodontitis.
  • Basic implant and augmentation procedures vs. periodontal intraosseous defects.
  • Planning and visualisation of prosthetic reconstruction – patient’s consent.
  • Prognoses, implant maintenance, role of supportive therapy – procedures.
  • Periimplantitis: differences and similarities to periodontitis, conservative and surgical treatment methods (diode and erbium lasers).

2. Implantology in the light of mucogingival surgery and soft tissue aesthetics.

  • Soft tissue morphology and gingival phenotypes – pre-procedure evaluation (USG – Pirop demonstration).
  • One-stage soft tissue plastic surgery with implant placement.
  • Tissue plastic surgery at the stage of healing screw placement.
  • Shaping of the prosthetic reconstruction emergence profile with a temporary abutment modified at subsequent visits.
  • Possibility of obtaining perfectly configured soft tissue around implants – evaluation of morphological conditions at the implant level.
  • Application of free gingival grafts (FGG), subepithelial connective tissue grafts (sCTG), mucografts and other membranes as well as PRP and PRF products (depending on clinical cases).
  • Presentation of techniques in various procedures for you on the training day – depending on the clinical cases (at least 2 procedures).

The cost of the one day of training: 6900 PLN

Agnieszka Laskus (Warsaw), MSc, MD, PhDAgnieszka Laskus

Training subjects:

  1. Tissue management (mucogingival surgery) of teeth with periodontal disease and of implants, depending on the existing anatomical conditions.    
  2. Harvesting and application of the patient’s own bone, A-PRF and stem cells in implant and periodontal surgery.    
  3. Surgical treatment options for periimplantitis and periodontitis based on the types of defects around implants and the patient’s own teeth.

The cost of the one day of training: 6900 PLN


Dariusz Niesiobędzki (Warsaw), MSc, MD, DDS, implantologistDariusz Niesiobędzki

Training subjects:

  1. Various methods of alveolar augmentation before planned implantation.    
  2. Atraumatic extraction using Benex and immediate implantation.    
  3. Front part implantation with immediate load with temporary implant superstructure.    
  4. Various methods of bone augmentation in the front part.
  5. Closed maxillary sinus lift with concurrent implantation.    
  6. Open maxillary sinus lift with concurrent implantation.    
  7. Open maxillary sinus lift and guided alveolar bone regeneration (concurrent vertical and horizontal augmentation with large bone resorption).
  8. Regeneration methods using PRP.
  9. Alveolar ridge splitting with concurrent implantation.    
  10. Immediate loading of 4 or more implants with overdenture, using various types of attachments (Locator, Equator, ball attachments).

The cost of the one day of training: 6900 PLN

Andrzej Szwarczyński (Poznań), MSc, MDAndrzej Szwarczyński

Training subjects:

  1. Sinus lift or alternatively short implants.
  2. Bone regeneration – application of autogenous bone and/or bon-replacement materials, depending on indications.
  3. Immediate implantations.

The cost of the one day of training: 6900 PLN