Dental Skills Institute

Intensive training with participation of patients is directed to physicians who already have a first experience in implant surgery and who want to gain confidence in the independent exercise of implantation  and prosthetic works under the supervision of outstanding experts.

Programs of trainings:

 Intensive implantological practice – Treatments

The two-day, intensive training, during which the participants themselves perform implant procedures under the watchful eye of the teacher. Participants discuss in detail with the lecturer individual cases and procedure before the start of each of them.
Training takes place in a very modern clinics in Warsaw, is available in two versions to choose from.


Konrad Walerzak, MD, PhD

dr n. med. Konrad Walerzak


DSI Face-Clinic Training Center, 4 Łuczek Street, Warsaw

Face Clinic

DURATION 2 days (Friday - Saturday)
GROUP max 3 participants
AMOUNT OF IMPLANTED IMPLANTS 4 implants per participant
yes, free for 6 months
PATIENTS provided by DSI, it is possible to take part with your own patients
USED EQUIPMENT MIS, Hu-Friedy, Meisinger, W&H
ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS (only if required) Bone augmentation.
Sinus Lift.
Surgical templates MIS MGuide.
Bone Block Grafting. 
  • Cosy, 3-person group!
  • Within two days 12 treatments will be performed. Each of the participants is the operator in a few treatments and assists with several others.
  • In rare cases the organizer or tutor has the right to refuse a participant to carry out the surgery because of the difficulty of the procedure or for patient safety reasons. In this case, the participant watches or assists in the operation performed by the tutor.
  • The lecture language is Polish

WARNING! To participate in the training you must have a minimal basic implantological knowledge proved with participation in trainings and medical practice in the field of implantology. We also offer an introductory basic training.

After the registration for training, DSI Office contacts individually each participant in order to determine the skill level of the participant and discuss the principles of Guarantee. There are also some ways available for consulting patients by Mr. Walerzak, MD, PhD before the training (for participants who arrive with their patients).


  • Dental Skills Institute provides patients for treatments performed during training sessions. Patients are qualified by the tutor on the basis of a separate procedure.
  • You can participate in activities with your patients.
  • In order to qualify your patient for the surgery, you should submit us your willingness to participate in the training with your patient. In response, we send you a patient qualification procedure form.
  • After the surgery, the patient undergoes a CT or panthomography tests, free of charge.

Prosthetic Intensive Practice training program on live patient

Trainer: Karolina Mazurek, MD, PhD
Location: Dental Skills Institute Training Center – Face-Clinic, Łuczek 4 str., Warsaw, Poland
Duration: 2 one-day workshops (Fridays or Saturdays, every other week)
Number of Credit Points: 14
The lecture language is Polish


Innovative! First time in Poland! Intensive prosthetic training program on live patients. Intimate, 3-person group enables active participation in the process of prosthetic treatment of patients. A total of six crowns are seated on implants during the training program. Each participant works individually under the direction of the outstanding practitioner, Ms. Karolina Mazurek, MD, Ph.D. Each attendee will perform not less than two crowns and will assist to other doctors participating in the training. The practice takes place in one of the most modern clinics in Poland, provided with the innovative hardware and its own laboratory.

The training is divided into two stages: twice in one day and takes place on Fridays or Saturdays with a one-week interval.

You can participate in the training with your patients. In order to qualify a patient for prosthetic treatment, please contact the DSI Office.

Training program:

First meeting - one day (Friday or Saturday); 8 hours =  work with patients and discussion.

  • Discussion of documentation and implantoprosthetic treatment plans for each of the qualified patients.
  • Taking impressions for seating crowns on implants.
  • Open-tray and closed-tray impression techniques, coping bar.
  • The choice of colors and materials.
  • Discussion.

We seat a total of 6 crowns, each attendee performs impressions individually and selects colors and materials for 2 crowns and actively assists in preparation of the others.

One-week interval - making crowns by the prosthetic laboratory.

Second meeting - one day (Friday or Saturday) 8 hours = work with patients and discussion.

  • Bolt and cemented crowns, abutments.
  • Materials.
  • Seating crowns on implants.
  • Checking the contact points and the occlusion.
  • Performing of the necessary adjustments (including minor adjustments to be performed by the laboratory) and final crown placement on patients.

During this step, each participant performs individual seating of 2 crowns on implants in patients who were treated in step 1, and assists to the other two participants. Minimum 6 finished crowns is to be seated in step 2.

Schedule and the cost of participation in training


Training Cost Date   Location

Intensive implantological practice – Treatments (2 days)

8950 PLN in the determination 9am - 5pm DSI Face-Clinic Training Center, 4 Łuczek str., Warsaw (click here for a map)
9am - 5pm DSI Face-Clinic Training Center, 4 Łuczek str., Warsaw (click here for a map)


The price of training includes:

  • Training materials.
  • Lunch, snacks and coffee breaks.
  • Skills-confirming certificate.
  • 6-month free access to the DSI E-learning zone.
  • Individual consultations with the tutor up to 2 weeks after the training.
  • All-sterile and non-sterile treatment materials used during the training.
  • Integration meetings - surprises (for selected training sessions only).

Registration and participation rules:

  • Register by filling-in the form in REGISTER tab.
  • Immediately after registration you will receive an e-mail confirming your application and information on the next steps.
  • Pay in advance 10% of the value of training/cycle.
  • Pay the remaining amount at least 30 days prior to the date of training.
  • Do you want to quit? Please let us know at least 60 days before the training starts - we will refund the entire amount.
  • The reservation will be decided by the order of payment made.
  • To participate in the training you must have a minimal basic implantological knowledge.