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Professor Izabela Maciejewska has been employed in the Dept. of Prosthodontics of Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland right after graduation. In the next four years, after passing appropriate exams Professor Maciejewska became a specialist in the both general dentistry and dental prosthodontics.

From the very beginning of her professional life Professor. Maciejewska was involved in research that focused on a tooth development. Firstly, she investigated an impact of fluoride on a tooth bud development during the very early stages of odontogenesis. Professor Maciejewska specifically investigated the function of the noncollagenous proteins from the SIBLING family, which are the key regulators of the apatite crystal nucleation and dentin mineralization. For the appreciation of her interests she was the only Polish invited by Authorities of the American Association for Dental Research to participate in the First Sibling Research Gordon Conference which was held in Big Sky, MN, USA. Thereafter, Professor Maciejewska was invited to her sabbatical to Baylor College of Dentistry, Baylor Health Centrum, Dallas, TX, USA and Institute of Bioscience and Technology, Houston, TX, USA.

Since her come back to Poland Professor Maciejewska works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Dental Prosthodontics and Implantology, Medical University of Gdansk. In 2013 she was offered the additional position of the Medical Director in the Oral Health Center of Medical University of Gdańsk.

After winning the competition for two MNiSW grants Professor Maciejewska was profoundly involved in research on human dental pulp stem cells (DPSC) and stem cells from an apical papilla (SCAP), which potentially could be used for tissue regeneration and engineering. In collaboration with the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of PAN, Prof. Maciejewska was willing to implement a “DPSC-biomaterial”, which could replace the traditional dental fillings.

For her outstanding contribution to dental research Professor Maciejewska was frequently awarded by the Provost of the Medical University of Gdansk. She also received multiple awards and prices from the International Association for Dental Research. She published over 80 manuscripts in the most prestigious dental journals i.e. Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, Archives of Oral Biology, European Journal of Oral Sciences, Stem Cells Research Reports & Review. Professor Maciejewska is also either a member of the Editorial Board or a reviewer of these journals.