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Advances in plastic mucosal surgery from basic knowledge to responsible clinical action.

Trainer: Dr Rino Burkhardt, DMD
Location: DSI – Dental Skills Institute, Piaskowa 4/U3 str., Warsaw
Number of credit points: 10
Duration: 2 days.
The lecture language is English.
Consecutive translation into Polish provided.




  • Oral structural biology.
  • Tissue interaction & induction processes.
  • Wound healing: clinic / biology.
  • Fine motor coordination and visual perception in periodontal and implant surgery.
  • Technical equipment for minimally-traumatic surgery.
  • Human factors.
  • Everything you always wanted to know about crown lengthening (apically-repositioned flaps, ostectomy, mucosal strip technique and keyhole access).
  • Postoperative biofilm control.


  • Basic clinical training of hand steadiness and finger dexterity in mucosal surgery.
  • Flap preparation and elevation.
  • Flap mobilization.
  • Flap adaptation and stabilization.
  • Videos of surgical procedures, indictions.
  • Apical reposition of flaps and its fixation.
  • Free mucosal grafts.
  • Mucosal strip technique.

Schedule and the cost of participation in training

The price of training includes:

  • Training materials.
  • Lunch, snacks and coffee breaks.
  • Skills-confirming certificate.
  • All-sterile and non-sterile treatment materials used during the training.

Registration and participation rules:

  • Register by filling-in the form in REGISTER tab.
  • Immediately after registration you will receive an e-mail confirming your application and information on the next steps.
  • Pay in advance 10% of the value of training/cycle.
  • Pay the remaining amount at least 30 days prior to the date of training.
  • Do you want to quit? Please let us know at least 60 days before the training starts - we will refund the entire amount.
  • The reservation will be decided by the order of payment made.

Past trainings:

Clinical Concepts in Regenerative Periodontal Therapy: evolution of the techniques future prospective

Trainer: prof. dr Giulio Rasperini, DDS, PhD
Location: DSI – Dental Skills Institute, 4 Piaskowa str., Warsaw, Poland
Number of credit points: 9
Duration: 1 day
The lecture language is English.
Consecutive translation into Polish provided.

In the last years the aesthetic demand from the patients has become the biggest challenge in Periodontology as well as in implant dentistry. Besides functional results is now important to achieve aesthetic success, particularly in the anterior areas, where the expectations of the patients are even higher.

The introduction of new biological concepts, biomaterials and new surgical techniques during the last years, such as minimally invasive approach, Growth Factors, different Papilla Preservation Techniques, or Soft Tissue Wall approach, makes possible to answer to the patient’s demands and change the prognosis of compromised teeth with predictable long term results.

Each technique as well as the decision making in different clinical scenario, will be analyzed during the presentation. The procedures will be shown in details and clarified with the projection of several macro-video.

Hands on Course.

Regenerative periodontal plastic therapy.

The ultimate Surgical techniques for periodontal Regeneration will be analyzed during the presentation. Each technique as well as the decision making in different clinical scenario, will be shown explained and reproduced by the participants with hands on exercise on simulators.


1. Clinical concepts on infection control
2. Evolution of the surgical techniques in Periodontal regeneration
3. Plastic periodontal surgery
4. Hands on:

  • single flap approach,
  • soft tissue wall techniques,
  • Entire Papilla Preservation technique,
  • coronally advanced flap,
  • connective tissue harvesting from the palate,
  • several different type of suturing techniques for perio plastic regenerative surgery.