Dental Skills Institute

Maximum practical skills for immediate implementation - such qualities of dental training are the most desirable - as it comes from a study by the DSI. How to meet such expectations?

“Dentists training market is constantly developing dynamically, so you need to continually examine the doctors’ demands to know what do they expect from a good training” - says Mr. Jacek Nitecki, CEO of Dental Skills Institute. As is clear from surveys, practical exercises during the training are a value, to which the trainees pay the most attention. “We make sure that our training groups were small, not exceeding 14 people, so that the tutor would have time for each participant and could rehearse with him the procedures in question. The participants greatly appreciate it” - says Ms. Edyta Wisniewska, DSI Training Manager.

According to DSI research, increasingly popular are trainings at an advanced level.

Multi-disciplinary training in the soft tissue management is one of the many training proposals in the portfolio of Dental Skills Institute. “In the course of this one training only, each participant practices taking of the free gingival graft (including the palate and the posterior teeth), implant bed preparation, donor site securing techniques, secure graft fixing techniques, taking a transplant tissue from the palate using envelope and deepithelialisation technique, microsurgery sewing techniques” - lists Ms. Edyta Wisniewska of DSI. “All of our courses are based on the workshops or procedures with patients. As a result, each participant gets practical skills that can immediately use in his daily work” - adds Ms. Wisniewska.