Dental Skills Institute

Level up!

Wondering how to increase the scope of your professional skills? Do you plan to expand  the medical services you offer?? Do you want to offer your patients even more?

You've come to the right place!

Regardless of whether you need basic training, whether you're a doctor with advanced skills - with us you’ll get to the next level!

Why to choose Dental Skills Institute training?

  • Practice, practice, practice (70% of the training time). Because we know that this is the most effective method of learning.
  • Small training groups (up to 14 people) providing comfort.
  • The knowledge imparted by prominent experts-practitioners. Individual consultations with each lecturer for 2 weeks after training.
  • Specialized and modern equipment. Our partners are leaders on the dental market.
  • Free E-learning Zone: after the training you can continue your education through the Internet. At home, in the office or anywhere you want!

…and if you are still not convinced, be sure to check the opinions of our graduates!

WE TEACH WITH PASSION! It makes good dentists become outstanding ones and those outstanding ones even better!

Prof Marcel Wainwright
Dental Skills Institute


Przedsiębiorca uzyskał subwencję finansową w ramach programu rządowego udzieloną przez PFR S.A.