Dental Skills Institute

On February 22-23, 2019 at the Dental Skills Institute there will be two-day intensive workshops conducted by a world-renowned specialist Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright: ‘Surgical and non surgical approach for peri implant/periodontal improvement’.

The training consists in reviewing and practicing the most up-to-date and giving the most predictable effects of treatment techniques and protocols as well as handling soft and hard tissues. It is a necessary compendium of knowledge to work in this area and an absolute base for further development. Dedicated in particular to doctors starting work with implants or having experience in implant prosthetics. The training will also benefit dentists who encounter problems with implantological and periodontal patients as well as possible complications (e.g. Periimplantitis) or high expectations of aesthetic nature.

The training will start with discussing the conditions, bone classification, aesthetic expectations of the patient and standards in communication with the patient along with photographic documentation of the specific case.

The next part of the training will be the augmentation of hard tissues and the socket preservation method, the bone shield technique or the crest split. Professor Wainwright will also introduce participants to the world of soft tissues around implants and augmentation of soft tissues, discussing among others papilla elevation technique, roll-flap technique, connective tissue grafts vs. xenografts, ‘VIPCT flap‘ technique, Palacci technique, tunnel technique and covered recession.

Besides that Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright is an international lecturer in implantology, ultrasonic surgery and aesthetic dentistry, he also lectures on intraoral application of hyaluronic acid, hence one of the training points will be devoted to precise gum injections of hyaluronic acid.

Abovementioned procedures will be practiced with the use of animal models and phantoms. The training will be conducted in English. 

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